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At Compare textbooks, we have seen the huge explosion in popularity of rental textbooks. Starting with only one website several years ago, almost every textbook website online as well as many colleges, are offering college textbooks for rent. You may be asking yourself, "Where can I rent textbooks for cheap online?" provides the fastest, most accurate answer everytime! Just enter your textbook's ISBN and look for items marked as "rentals". The prices are automatically adjusted to reflect the current college semester length.

What do you need to consider when renting cheap college textbooks? First, how long will you need to use this textbook for? If you plan on studying the subject for all four years of college, it may be smarter to purchase a new or used textbook. Second, will you remember to return it by the due date? If not, textbook rental websites can impose late fees on your credit card that is on file. Third, do you take good care of your textbooks? In order to continue offering cheap textbooks, websites need to receive your book back in good enough condition to rent to someone else, which usually means no notes can be written on the textbook pages. Lastly, sometimes it can be cheaper in the long run to purchase used textbooks, but this all depends on the individual. Textbook rentals make your purchase seamless, without the hassle of having to try and sell your book online at the end of the semester. However, for those who are inclined to sell a book on amazon or, it may be more cost efficient in the long run to purchase a textbook, and then resale it after the college semester has ended.

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