Generally, in the field of education, be it you are a student or a professor, you will surely need to do some sort of reference regarding your studies. Gone are the days, where one has to completely sail through the ocean of books at the library, to get just a single point clarified! The developed heights of the internet, has made this tedious task of searching to be the simplest one! This is how the Open Textbooks have had its intro. Anyone who is in the thirst of knowledge could use these sorts of books as a ready reckoner with the ease of surfing through the suitable sites.

Connotation of open textbook:

To define an open textbook, as its name itself makes it clear, these books are open to all for reference, distribution, copying and even editing in some cases. Therefore, an open textbook author is so liberal in waiving his rights and granting them to the readers of his book! Thus open book could be more precisely said to be openly-licensed textbooks, where you, who read the book, are licensed to edit it, share it, change its format, deal it out commercially or non-commercially without exhibiting the credit of the original author. Its free accessibility makes it stronger in content over powering the traditional textbook model!

Significance of open textbooks:

Statistics, very clearly points out that the growing inflation has its cruel impact on the student sector too, that they have to pay $62.97, which is calculated to be the average cost of just one textbook! Thus, open textbooks are making the concept of “textbook affordability” a possible one. These helpful books, by which the true realms of the education are just open to all classes of people, considerably reduce the cost of education.
Just as Nicole Allen, the Campaign Director for ‘Make Textbooks Affordable’ commented the open textbooks would bring out the best quality of education and even reform the textbook industry!

Difference between the traditional and open textbooks:

The main point of difference, which exists between the traditional online books and open textbooks, lies in the fact of accessibility. In the case of former books, the author has copyrights and you, as a reader have no right to edit it, but suggestions are welcome. This is not so in the case of open textbooks. The author himself, permits editing to be done, thus making the book more resourceful and updated. There is no need for the instructors to be keeping on amending their curriculum to the new edition as in the case of traditional books. When the matter in the books is refreshed automatically by open editing, where lies the need for buying and lurking for new books? Are not the open textbooks more advantageous?


To sum up, the open textbook is indeed bliss for the parents of the student sector, who need not be spending their money to get the required books. Also for the teaching sector as they get the latest details wanted. With the growth of internet and other web-based facilities, the open textbooks will also be on its steady strand of rise, emerging to be an ingenious book of revised information, making our people more erudite!

Intermediate Accounting

ISBN: 0470374942

This hardbound book of Intermediate Accounting is filled with world of accounting details, which is well enough stuff for all the people who are in the field of finance, and accounts. The very appearance of the book clearly depicts the nature of the book. The image of long infinite way in the cover page identically shows how the book has infinite facts about accounting.
The authors have proven their excellence in each aspects of the book. They have done an excellent job of creating this book with extreme supremacy. They carefully dissected the book into twenty-three chapters and each chapter deserves for its bulk of resources related to accounting. This book acts as a complete study guide to the students and the research scholars.
In all the chapters, authors focused clearly on the subject matter and have given proper solution according to the international standards. The book deals all the necessary details for the accounting subject. In the first chapter, “Financial Accounting and Accounting Standards” it deals all the major principles of accounting and gives the clear picture of the financial reports.
The second chapter completely gives the whole idea of Conceptual Framework for Financial accounting. It focused on the subject and gave all possible details in a crystal clear format. Hence, it is easily understandable for anyone.
In the chapter, “Accounting Information System” it digs out all the terminologies of the accounting system and analyzed all the basic concepts of accounting. It clearly explains all the concepts with simple graphs and chart diagrams. Hence, even the people who are not having sound knowledge about the field of accounts can also easily grasp the facts easily with the help of pictures.
The chapter five is completely allotted for the details related to the Balance Sheet and Statement of Cash Flows. In an organization there is always an underlying confusion when preparing the balance sheet. In this chapter, it clearly pictures all the pros and cons while preparing the balance sheet hence this book is very much useful in the corporate world. Business people can have answers for all their accounting queries in this book. It clearly analyzed all the time values of money and its role.
In the eight chapter, “Valuation of Inventories” it focused on inventory management. Inventory dealing is always a complex subject but this book clearly explains all the inventory issues with ease. Hence, people use this book as a guide when dealing with inventory issues. It gives the conventional method for inventory dealing which acts as a source guide to all who are in accounts department.
Once again it gives the detailed study of complex subject like Acquisition, Disposition of Property, Plant and Equipment. Most people find difficulty in assuming the details of the property. Though it is a complex subject to discuss, this book deals the matter with ease. It clearly explains all the details, which are readily understandable to the readers. This book is a perfect asset for the people who are in the field of accounting.

Rental Textbook

In this sophisticated world, where you are a zero without education, the vitality of study need not be insisted. However, it is important that all the sources regarding your study is made available to you, so that you could shine in the academic side. This complete resource gathering is practically impossible in this materialistic world. Anywhere and everywhere, you ought to pay some amount to get your books. So, in this regard the rental textbooks could be a real helping hand for you!
What are Rental Textbooks?
A plain definition about rental textbooks would mean to say, books, which could be obtained on a rental basis, kept for your personal study until the semester ends and then return the books from the store you took on rent. This innovative concept has its overwhelming welcome from the students, as they could not purchase all the textbooks covered under their syllabus. There are so many portals for this purpose, where the learners could lurk for the required book and make the best use of it for their exams. After all, the books are rental they could be your own forever, but not the knowledge you gain from these books be stolen. Is it not?
How this perception works?
First, have a thorough search over the comprehensive portals and locate the books necessary for you. Then check using your credit card or any other suitable online pay systems. Ensure speedy, prompt and reliable delivery services to get your books on time. Once you have received your books, check for any damages and do not fail to intimate them of its damage. Treat them as your personal belongings by handling with care, but do not make it too personal by extensive highlighting and scribbling! Some companies might even charge you fees for such distortion of rules. As soon as your exams are over, send these books to the original point, by proper package, keeping in mind that these books could enlighten someone’s life too. That’s it! Your semester is completed by less waste of money and more marks!
Points to be noted before your purchase:
The first point you should take note of is, the rental price of the books, whether they are really worth that price, which the company demands. Also, sit back and ponder over the point whether the existence of the book, could be really useful for you. Proceed, only if the answer is yes. There might be more deceiving rental markets offering you many discounts, scholarships and so on. Stay awake and do not be fooled by such trivial offers and pay the cost of your entire semester. There are so many sites available for you, make a comparison before choosing the best. Another point is that, you cannot rent all the books. Of course, you have to purchase some. So, once your semester is over, use trusted textbook rental sites to sell them off, so that they could be supportive for some other students.
The pioneering option of renting textbooks, might be quiet new to many, but once you are accustomed to it, utility, which you will enjoy, is beyond the scope you have imagined which you will be rewarded in the form of the best education.


ISBN: 0495011665

This mathematical book gives out all the subjects related to mathematics. The very name of the book visualizes the subject under the cover. The book deals with the complex subject of mathematics in a simple way. It gives the subject Calculus in a simple manner. All the contents in this book are in top-notch quality. It carefully analyzes all the mathematical applications. It is a hardbound book filled with mathematical applications. It is divided into seventeen chapters and almost covers all the corners of mathematics. It is really cool in all its aspects. It is the best manual for the people who are doing the course of calculus. It clearly explains all the problems systematically and gives the correct solution with relevant examples.
The first chapter, “Functions and Models” clearly describes how to represent a function, mathematical models, Exponential functions, and Logarithms, etc. it also gives the clear study of graphing calculators and computers. The book gives all possible ways of problem solving techniques in a simple way.
In the next chapter, ‘Limits and Derivatives ‘it shows the clear idea of the tangent and velocity problems, functions of derivatives and lot more related to the topic. It discussed problems that are more complex in a simple manner. Most of the people are inclined to this book for their mathematical help. It helps out people who are dealing with this subject of mathematics.
This bounded book has all the solutions for the complex problems of mathematics. It nearly solves all possible aspects of mathematics and explains all the problems with suitable examples hence it is found to be easy for all the people.
Most people find difficult in the topic of integrals in mathematics but in this book, there are four topics which are completely allotted for integration. It analyzes all the problems and techniques related to the integrals. Chapters like Integrals, techniques of Integration, Further Applications of Integration and Multiple Integrals strikingly gives out all the methods in an elaborate manner, which is very much useful to the readers. This book is well deserved for its quality presentation of all problems in a clear and understandable way.
Another important and difficult part in mathematics is Vector Calculus. It is a nightmarish thing for most of the people but after seeing the systematic solving techniques in the book all the people would definitely change their mind and start liking Vector Calculus. This book is such an amazing thing, which gives all the mathematical issues in very easy way and clearly explains all the mathematical theorems with proper examples.
This book also deals with interesting topics like geometry, equations, and trigonometry. Though this topic has difficult problems, it is interesting too in all aspects. No one have disliking towards geometry and trigonometry though they do not like mathematics. Moreover, this book deals this subject efficiently and makes it even more interesting. Hence, overall this book acts as a complete guide to mathematical problems and solves all the queries of mathematical issues. It is a must for Mathematics lovers to have such a source of mathematics.



Sir Francis Bacon’s famous quote goes as: “Some books are to be tasted, others to be swallowed, and some few to be chewed and digested”. Yet there is another category of books, which ought to be banned! Popularly termed as the ‘Controversial books’, these books are generally restricted from free access. A book can be banned on the basis of political, religious or even moral grounds. Once a book is published, it is open to all sorts of comments, positive or negative, and when it receives controversial comments it becomes notorious and people of different classes, raise their voices against the book. This makes a book to be listed as controversial book.
Reasons that could make a book turn controversial:

There are innumerous reasons to state that a book is ought to be banned. The reason for banning a book might vary under different circumstances but the end result is one. The basic idea is the morality of the society should not be spoiled. The bans placed on the books may be on a national level too, which results in evacuation of the very existence of the book from the society. The restrictions placed on publishing a book may change from country to country, but some of the common grounds are racialism, social standing, sexuality and usage of obscene words. To speak about some famous books which turned controversial, The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, The Satanic verses by Salman Rushdie, The Communist Manifesto by Karl Marx, Mein Kamf by Adolf Hitler and many more! In the above-mentioned four books, while the first two were declared controversial on religious basis, the latter ones were banned on political grounds.

The Da Vinci code:
This novel, written by Dan Brown is a mystery-detective novel, which unwinds new move in trying to find the descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. As the basic concept of Christianity, which stands with divinity of Jesus Christ, is shaken, this novel was severely criticized by the religious people. Apart from the harsh remarks regarding inaccurate history and geographic details, this novel also drew the other protests like, misrepresentation of the Roman Catholic Church and other literary criticisms too.

Mein Kamf:
The author of this book is indeed a world famous controversial leader, making it to be the very first supportive point to ban this book! Adolf Hitler has clearly mentioned in this book, that the Jews are accountable for some of the major international issues, undoubtedly becomes a leader most hated by Jews. The Political ideology handled in this book was the main reason for it to be condemned as it could be defined as extremist. Its racist content made it still more notorious and unpopular among many European nations.

Discussed above are just samples of two controversial books, which were forbidden for two singular causes. So are there different books, which were and which are being objected under numerous causes, so that they might not prove to be a black mark in our society. As already mentioned, there are thousands of reasons to fuel the flames of controversy, yet it is up to the individual’s to take up the good points even from the worst books.


ISBN: 1439078092

This book aptly fits to the business people who are in great need of financial assistance. Financial management is an absolute necessary to any business institution. The perfect illustration of every nook and corner of financial theory helps the readers to have a wide idea of financial management techniques. The image in the cover page symbolically shows that this book is the stepping-stone for your financial carrier and it also depicts how the careful handling of financial strategies makes you strong enough even to leap on it.

This book is a perfect blend of financial theory and its applications so it is a must have asset to all the financial people of the globe. It helps the business people in every walks of their business strategy. This book has four parts and consists of fourteen chapters. In the first part ‘Fundamental Concepts of Corporate Finance’, it clearly discussed all the fundamentals related to finance which is very much useful to the readers and it is easily understandable to any one new to field of finance. It gives the detailed description of each nook and corner of financial concepts with less complexity.

The next part deals with Fixed Income Securities. It gives the clear study of value of money, computerized approach over finance, loans and all bank related strategies. It aptly works as a handbook for anyone who is in the field of finance. In addition, it gives the detailed view of computerized approach over finance, which is more helpful to get the apt view of digitalized techniques used in finance management.

The authors have taken much care in preparing each aspects hence it is easily understandable to the people who is a complete novice in the field of finance. This book is also available online. To get the clear view about the book one can easily surf the net to read the book. The book explains all the topics with all possible ways. It gives pictures, charts and explains all the details with possible examples. It also provides important questions and answers related to the topic.

All through the book is sprinkled with new ideas and tips related to the topic. Hence, we can blindly follow the rules of the book to become a financial aficionado. In the third part ‘Stocks and Options’ it gives the clear picture of stock market and its ways. It is a complete resource of stock exchange details. It gives the tips to assume the flow of the stock market and stocks.

The book greatly deserves for its colorful illustration of graphs and the details about the economic issues of the world. It illustrates all the topics in a simple language, which makes it easy for the readers to get a clear view about the subject even in a single reading. The last part ‘Projects and Their Valuation’ analyses all possible details of capital, Cash flow, and lot more. Hence, this book is strongly recommended for all financial students, corporate honchos, and financial people. It deserves for its valuable source of all information related to Finance.


The very term ‘textbook’ creates so much of anxiety and irritation for any schooling kid! Is it not? Quiet natural too! However, it these textbooks which open up the realms of true education to us. In the ancient times, when there was no such form of writings, Socrates was greatly dejected over the fact that knowledge was getting greatly dissipated due to lack of media of transmission. Though the technological advancements are on its steady pace to revolutionize the classrooms and the way of teaching, there is yet no substitute for the good old textbooks!

Utility of Textbooks:
The textbooks are excellent tools of communication with the students and it is also the sole resource for the students to get the fruits of education. Lots could be got from the textbooks as they help both the students and the teachers to learn many things in a new way. Within the classroom, it is the only duty of the teacher to make the kid concentrate over her book and learn the concepts thoroughly.

How to use a textbook effectively?
When a textbook is used in the right way, it will seldom be boredom for your kids! The teachers should keep in mind that, the textbooks are good equipments for education but are not the sole tools. When you rely on the books for every move, consequently, the kids will start ignoring the subject. Bring liveliness in the classrooms by using other sources of information like trade books and CDs. Make use of the supplementary books, rich in activities, word games and so on to involve the kids into the world of study. Your textbook might be a complete key to all the questions for the exams. Do not be satiated with that! Bring the spirit of problem solving techniques and enhanced rate of thinking within them. When the textual information is outdated like history, try to merge it with any of the current situations and show their relevance in the present world. Remember, making the students to mug up the matter as such will not help them in any way. Instead take additional steps to clear all their doubts and make the question session an enthusiastic one by conducting quizzes.

Tips for the students:
When you sit to study, take up the textbook with enthuse you will have when you pick up a storybook. So, make sure to choose the boring text when you are in full energy to learn. Give the least preference for your favorite textbook, as you will gain the lost energy, which you have spent on the tough ones! When your teacher elaborates a tough concept by correlating it to some other fact, which could be even outside the book, keep hints of the correlating factor as it could make the textual matter more comprehensible. Textbooks are the real springs, which take you to the gateway of wisdom. So, it depends wholly on the way you students use it.

Do not forget what Oaks and Saunders has commented about the textbooks, “The textbook is, in fact, the heart of the school and without the ubiquitous text, there would be no schools at least as we know them”. So, the omnipresence of textbooks persist the imperativeness of education just as air and water which are solely responsible for our existence.

Examples of International Edition Textbooks

Mcgraw Hill International edition textbookAn example of a Mcgraw Hill International edition textbook

Prentice Hall international editionAn example of a Prentice Hall international edition

Today, I wanted to post some examples of what International Editions can look like from different publishers. These textbooks will always be softcover, and they are usually in color. However, sometimes they will not be.

international edition textbook comparisonComparison of the inside of a US edition and an International Edition.

This side by side comparison of the same page of a US edition textbook and an International Edition textbook shows that these books truly are the same. For those who are worried that by buying a cheaper textbook, they will have difficulty using it in class, here is some reassurance.

What is an International Edition Textbook?

A lot of new college students are woefully unaware of what international edition textbooks are all about. There is a lot of confusion surrounding them, but in reality, they are quite simple.

Publisher’s such as Mcgraw Hill will license publisher’s in other countries to print a soft-cover, cheaper made version of college textbooks printed in the United States. International Edition’s usually include a different cover and a label stating the book is not to be sold in North America. However, it is 100% legal to purchase and use an international edition textbook.

Do these textbooks contain the same exact information as their US counterparts? Yes and no. 99% of the time, international textbooks contain identical information, including pagination. However, every once in awhile, a book will contain different questions, rearranged questions, use the metric system, or refer to International Accounting Standards instead of FASB. However, most sellers will usually include a note stating that there is slightly different information. If you are unsure, email the seller of the book!

Now that we’ve covered the basics: International Editions are always much, much cheaper than US editions. This is because they are printed usually in India or Asian countries such as Singapore. When a US edition costs $200 brand new, the International Edition may only cost $50.’s search includes international edition’s for this reason.

The best way to find cheap textbooks

Cheap textbooks can be hard to come by. is helping students find the cheapest textbook by showing you the lowest available price online, but there are still several other ways to possibly get an even cheaper textbook!

Alternative ways to finding Cheap Textbooks:

1. Check your local craigslist. Sometimes students list their books on craigslist, especially in large college towns.

2. Consider purchasing the previous edition of the textbook you need. New editions are printed almost every year, with very little changes being made to the text. Once a new edition is out, the price of the previous edition textbook will decline dramatically.

3. Track down the ISBN of the international edition of the textbook you need. You can do this by finding the book on the UK website of the publisher. Then use to compare textbook prices on the International Edition ISBN.

We hope these alternative methods can save you even more money on your college textbooks!