Looking for college textbook solutions?

Looking for college textbook solutions? Chegg.com’s new online homework help may be worth checking out:



Currently, Chegg is featuring step by step instructions and solutions for every question in about 3000 college textbooks. Additionally, they’re offering 24/7 online support for non-supported textbooks where you can receive a response in about 2 hours from experts and other students. As the service, which was acquired from Cramster, will continue to expand its collection of college textbook solutions as the user base expands. Chegg is currently running a free 7 day trial, which will likely still be available come the beginning of the fall semester. After 7 days, two memberships are available; $74.95 for an annual membership, or $14.95 per month on an ongoing basis. Just be sure to remember to cancel your free trial before the 7 day period or you will be charged for the service.


Let us know in the comments section if you have any reviews/comments/concerns with chegg’s textboook solutions/answer services. We’re curious to know what college students think about it.


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