Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorders: DSM-IV-TR

ISBN: 0890420254

American Psychiatric Association published this book of Diagnostic and Statistical manual of Mental Disorder. This acts as a complete manual for doctors, physicians, pharmaceutical companies, and drug regulation agencies etc. that are related to the subject of Psychiatry. This book was first published in the year of 1952 and this book is the fourth edition. In every edition, they included with some valuable information regarding mental disorders.
This book has a wide range of details about all the mental disorders, its diagnostic methods and its treatment. Hence, most of the doctors and health professionals all over the world use this book as a manual for their treatment. Mostly mental disorder patients are categorized according to the symptoms mentioned in this book. This alone shows the standard and value of the book.
This book comes under the category of medical science and describes all the mental disorders in a detailed manner but this book is strongly recommended for medical professionals only because the treatment and techniques for mental disorders should be done only by the medical practitioners. Normal persons should not try any of the techniques or treatments said in the book.
This book clearly describes all the categories of mental disorders, mental retardation, depressive disorder, diagnosis for all the disorders and treatment involved in all sorts of mental ailments. This book is divided into sixteen diagnostic classes, which widely discussed about all the topics related to mental ailments. The first section widely deals with mental conditions during child hood. Hyperactivity disorder and attention deficit are widely known childhood disorders among the people of the world. The first section clears out all the details regarding this subject.
The next three sections of the book clearly give the idea of conditions like Dementia, Delirium and mental disorders due to medical conditions. On the whole the book gives the complete detailed evaluation of all mental and psychological disorders. But the people who are not a medical practitioner should not follow any treatment and diagnosis mentioned in the book. Doing things without medical knowledge may lead to adverse reaction and which may be dangerous too.
Mental disorders include wide range of mental ailments. This book shows the detailed study of hallucination related disorder, Drug addiction, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, anxiety disorders, somatoform disorder, sexual disorders and lot more. Psychological science is related to all physiological ailments of the body because mind power and mood swings control all the physical activity of the body. Hence, all the diseases are interrelated to mental disorders. This book is a valuable treasure for anyone since it deals with psychology. It is not only useful for medical practitioners but also to the normal people who have great interest over the field of psychology.
Most of the people do not have much knowledge about mental illness. Due to unawareness of psychological disorders, people delayed their treatment for the illness, which leads to major problem in the future years. Hence, this book surely acts as an eye opener and makes the people getting awareness over psychology and psychological disorders. In addition, this book is much useful to the students of psychology.

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