Pennsylvania Public Universities to raise tuition by 3% for the 2013-2014 year.

PA state system of higher education agreed today to raise PA public universities tuition by 3%, once again outpacing inflation. Pennsylvania colleges have been facing declining enrollment since the recession, forcing future students to bare the brunt of the years of wasteful spending that preceded this. Additionally, this increase relates to tuition only. Individual colleges have the ability to set room, board, meal plans, and college textbook prices as they see fit. The board also approved a $10 increase to the PA “technology fee”, for a grand annual total of $368. Last time I checked, weren’t you also required to purchase a laptop for college? What technology are they providing that is worth $368 a year per student?

The bottom line is college tuition continues to increase in price much faster than other goods. Be sure to pick a smart degree with a future, don’t drop out, and as always, don’t let the college bookstores rip you off on textbook prices. Compare textbook prices to be sure you’ve found the most discounted textbooks, used editions, rental textbooks. and etextbooks available online.

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