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About Us is owned and operated by Sterling Clark. Created in 2010, Compare textbooks does exactly what its name entails, helps people search the web for the cheapest textbook and book prices available, be it new textbooks, used textbooks, international edition textbooks, rental textbooks, or etextbooks. Furthermore, has been regularly updating its blog with relevant textbook and college articles. mission is to make sure college students are aware there are other options for purchasing textbooks. The biggest challenge of running this website is every year, 25% of our target audience graduates and gets a job (hopefully!). Incoming college students are usually ill-prepared to make college decisions and find themselves overwhelmed by the whole experience. Between financial aid applications, class registrations, moving in, making friends, and actually going to class, many students just assume they must purchase their required textbooks from the college bookstore. Our goal is to make sure as many of these college students as possible find out about our website, the sooner the better, in order to help them save money on their college textbooks. With the escalating costs of a college education and the ridiculous textbook prices being charged for new textbooks in bookstores, college students will need every leg up they can find to secure their financial position once college is over.

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